Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Anwar's Friends Are Liars, Killers and Nasty!

I don’t mind if Anwar making friends with foreigners, especially US. Most of them are good guys. But you all see, out of those 200 million US populations, Anwar still wanna make friends with people like Shaha Riza, Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz, and these people have created problems not just for Muslims around the world, but for non Muslims too. And most of us lost jobs and income. That sucks. And Anwar is not being fair to the dead Iraqis when he gave her a job in his Washington based foundation.

There’s nothing offensive to the US, I have tones of US friends and almost all want Dick Vheney, Wolfowitz, Shaha Riza and all the people behind the lies of WMD should be thrown behind bars. Cause due to this people. The price of oil have increased tremendously, the indirect results of melting of US + World economic meltdown, lost of jobs which is more than 19 million people end up jobless in US, such a short time.

The majority of citizens have spoken in their past election, which cause historical results – THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT IN US. Therefore I share some of those US people that voted against Bush and his cronies, inclusive Shaha Riza. We want these people and friends to be behind bars, inclusive their friends in this country too! You all know who?? ANWAR IBRAHIM!! We need to change, we need to stop the lies, the lies that use religion, human rights, freedom, democracy, which at the end only feed someone’s greed!!

Somehow we can also see, it was Anwar’s friends that caused the increased of oil price!! Thanks to the lies of WMD in Iraq. And now Anwar took one of them Shaha Riza to work for him in his Washington based foundations. And today BN got the blame for high fuel price. THANK YOU ANWAR IBRAHIM!!

According to a profile of Wolfowitz published in the London Sunday Times of March 20, 2005, Riza “shares Wolfowitz’s passion for spreading democracy in the Arab world” and is said to have reinforced his determination to remove Saddam Hussien’s oppressive regime.

Ok, what actually happened? The deaths of more than 100,000 innocent men and women and at the end, there’s no WMD in Iraq. And Iraq is in chaos until today, plus world economic down turn and high priced of speculate petroleum price. Thanks to people like Shaha Riza, Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and his crew.

Anwar is not behind all those conspiracies, he’s not smart enough to plan all those. He screwed up in 1996 by making wrong choice between IMF vs Currency Control and Bail Out method. And many more total screw ups that happened today.

Anwar care more for people like Shaha Riza, the person who had scandals with Wolfowitz to work for him in his foreign foundation. He’s willing to give better treatment in terms of high salaries and gifts to Saiful (before court case), and he even allowed the mistreatment of his own Penang PKR men from Lim Guan Eng. If he can’t even be fair to his own PKR men, what makes he will be fair to us all?

Did Saiful deserve the raise from DSAI? And in the International scene, did Shaha Riza deserve the raise by Wolfowitz? Hurmm, this 2 guys – Anwar and Wolfowitz seems to share the same pattern .. hahahaha.

Check out the article ;

Written by Tony on April 16, 2007, 11:47am.

“World Bank, President Paul Wolfowitz is under a lot of scrutiny because of the raise his girlfriend, Shaha Riza did received. Riza is a communication official in the bank’s Middle East department. Critics are saying that Paul Wolfowitz unfairly set her up for a big payday because of their romantic relationship.

But did other senior level executive in similar positions to Riza also get raise? Was this pay increase abnormal? How does her new pay scale compare with her peers? None of these details seem to be the focus on media coverage. Instead, it’s just scandal!

At this point, he (Paul) is more a liability than an asset. He cannot recover from how far he has fallen,” says Manish Bapna, Executive Director of the Bank Information Center, a non-profit development group.”

Yes, cronisme is a basic human nature, we seem to listen, give and trust more to the ones we know, rather than strangers. And this is fact. The only thing is how far we can be fair or control it. For God sakes, why Shaha Riza? Why her? Anwar can even choose his own daughter, Nurul Izzah or even Elizabeth Wong, or whoever in the middle eastern women. At least these women are not having affair with Wolfowitz, or even got link with Cheney.

The thing is, out of 200 million US populations, he wants to make friends with the few bad guys in US. And worst, Anwar took one of them, (Shaha Riza) to work for him too. That is totally fuck up.

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