Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Something about Tun Mahathir ...

Tun Mahathir in a cartoon? Well I can guess that Tun M really have deep effects on this cartoon creator

There’s something I would like to share with you guys. I still remember the days my organization had a meeting with this man inside his car on the way to his office. He don’t waste anytime at all even on the road to office, always something to do. I heard 24 hours are not enough for this man. And have you guys ever seen him playing golf?

In 1996, I was his hater. I even joined the reformation movement at Masjid India vicinity.
In 1999, currency control; worked compared to IMF proposed by Anwar. I am amazed and felt embarrassed at the same time cause I was DSAI supporter at that time.
In 2002 – 2003, he resigned. I read all his books and his speeches. I love the practicality, reality and especially the way of thinking “WE CAN BE AS GOOD OR EVEN BETTER THAN THE WHITE GUYS, IF WE WORK HARD ENOUGH”. I became a fan and became DSAI hater until today.

If anyone meant Tun cause the loss of order or any civil liberties, personally I don’t feel any loss at all, either order or civil liberties, or any mumbos jumbos raised by the self-proclaimed freedom fighters from High priced lawyers in Bar Council or whatever. To be real, the loss I’ve felt is my time wasted when I joined the stupid reformation movement. I should focusing on my studies instead.

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