Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Why Vladmir Putin Always Make Time For Tun Mahathir?

Putin always make time for Tun Mahathir (not Anwar), that’s a fact. After his 2nd re-election in 2004, in 2005 he met Tun Mahathir and strangely after that, the 2nd phase of Russia reform took place, especially on economic policies which is almost similar to Tun policies. And look what happened to Russia, their economy boom to sky rocketed! Some people says that since most of Putin policies are same with Tun Mahathir’s, they said that Putin are the white guy ‘replica’ of Tun Mahathir, which shall give more headache to the West :D

Check the graph, guys. That’s what Putin achieved. That’s what you get when you pay attention to Tun Mahathir advise. So what is Tun Mahathir advise to us Malaysians?

Putin economic policies are almost the same with Tun, whereby the economy are controlled by GLC’s. It is more like state capitalism (Government Controlled Companies). Their economy not totally open same as us, the Russians have the control elements. Russians basically remove all liberal (open) economy policies, somewhere in 2004-2008. Removal of IMF influence during Yeltsin time by paying it off immediately, he controls the media like Tun did. There’s a lot of policies and reforms happening after his 2nd re-election, either it is economic, foreign, internal and many more. And most of those are almost the same as during 20 years of Tun Mahathir premiership. And looks like Putin will be in charge almost the same time as Tun Mahathir, now marks 10 years of Putin time in Russia controlling seat. He just need another 10 years more :D

Putin is not angel, he got his bad sides too, this includes Tun Mahathir. But they do have a lot in common and some differences. Both of them enjoyed successes during their premierships. And both of them enjoyed the ‘cult figure’ in their respective countries. Why? Because of the things their done for the country.

But the point is, both of them choose not to be liberal in whatever they are doing or introducing new policies to their respective countries. That is the most important. For Anwar case, he wants everything to be liberal, from economy, society and so on. This wont work for us. Being too liberal will actually open the door wider to the international thief like Soros, to steal and many more negative influences.

So the thing is simple, if you want to enjoy the success times during Tun and Russian success during Putin, just don’t be too liberal, and most important don’t need ‘too liberal’ leaders running the show for us. Therefore, say NO TO ANWAR!!!

During and after the disintegration of the USSR, when wide ranging reforms including un-controlled privatization and market and trade liberalization were being undertaken, Russian economy went through a major crisis. The period was characterized by deep contraction of output, with GDP declining by roughly 50% between 1990 and the end of 1995, industrial output declining by over 50%

In October 1991, Yeltsin announced that Russia would proceed with radical, market oriented reform along the lines of ‘shock theraphy’, as recommended by the United States and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Price controls were abolished, privatization was started. Millions plunged into poverty, from 1.5%   of the population living in poverty in the late Soviet era, to 39% - 49% by mid 1993. From here we can see IMF recommendations have failed the Russians! That means FUCK IMF and the people who proposed it!! (includes Anwar in Malaysia).
Vladimir Putin took over in 2000 and start to reform by putting the elements of control, protectionism and conservativeness in Russia just like what Tun did in 1997. Many reforms made during the Putin presidency have been generally criticized by western nations as un democratic. Same thing what western media said to Tun in 1997, and those policies are almost the same as Tun Mahathir’s. One of the primary reasons Putin admired Tun Mahathir and always ‘MAKE TIME’ to meet Tun.

But look what Vladmir Putin has achieved, the country ended 2007 with its ninth straight year of growth, averaging 7% annually since 1998. In 2007, Russia’s GDP was $2.076 trillion (est. PPP), the 6th largest in the world, with GDP growing 8.1% from the previous year. The average salary in Russia was $640 per month in early 2008, up from $80 in 2000. Approximately 14% of Russians lived below the national poverty line in 2007, significantly down from 40% in 1998 at the worst of the post Soviet collapse. Unemployment in Russia was 6% in 2007, down from about 12.4% in 1999.

So guys, can’t you see what happened to Russia when they stop believing in western false democracies and systems such as IMF and many more? They became greater. So guys, what we should do in our country? STOP BELIEVING IN ANWAR AND HIS TOTAL LIBERAL IDEAS AND HID IMF BUDDIES!!

Another thing I would like to share with you. Putin also reads Tun Mahathir books. This is proof from one of his speeches to Tun Mahathir after giving highest Russian Friendship Award to Tun ;

“Mr.Prime Minister, in one of your books, you mention that the 21st century will become ‘The Global Century’ – the century of rapid, all round development of the Asia Pacific region. It looks as though, thanks in large part of your efforts, Malaysia has entered this century just as you said, it would”

And there are high possibility Putin is one of the avid readers on Mahathir Che Det blog too :D
How about Anwar books @ blog? HAKK PTUIHH!! Again, I would like to say, winners always follow the footsteps of another winner, and losers always follow another losers footsteps.
This articles shows that even Tun Mahathir is no longer head of state for Malaysia, Putin still makes times for him. The meetings and talks still happened in 2005 (Tun already resigned in 2003). 

During Anwar got sacked, I joined the reformation demo. Well, those was my stupid days. Today after I ‘grow up’, I always have a lot of questions and reads a lot, and I’ve learn a lot of stuff. Today I am Tun’s fan. May Allah bless him.

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