Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What’s Wrong with Ulama’s Today?

Sadly, today there are so many types of Ulama’ are “self proclaimed” Ulama’ just because they have a beard and wears a “serban” and know how to cut and paste Quranic verses into their speeches, facebook etc but in reality they don’t have any substance at all. That is the key factor Muslims today are “fuck up”.

Ability to read and understand Quran and other Islamic knowledge such as Feqah, rules and regulations are not enough. It is not easy to be Ulama’. They must have to master the knowledge of both worlds – the world and “akhirat” (hereafter) knowledges. Like in the old days, the days of Abu Bakar, Umar Khattab, Usman Affan, Ali etc. These guys are not just well known for their high knowledge in the akhirat / hereafter, they are also the masters of the world knowledge. These guys are the pioneers of the modern world we got today. From modern politics, administration, economy, military tactics, mathematics, scientific, philosophy etc, these types of guys gave LIGHT to the Europe Dark Ages.

In short, Ulama is a door to the knowledge world, not just Islamic world. Because Ulama meaning are derived from the word ILMU and ALIM which means educated class of Muslim scholar. They must perform, not just having a beard and wears a serban.

Rasulullah S.A.W quotes ;

”Celakalah bagi umatku (akibat) daripada (perbuatan) Ulama’-Us-Su” 
(Related by Al-Hakim)

”Seburuk – buruk sesuatu daripada yang paling buruk ialah Ulama yang buruk, dan sebaik – baik sesuatu daripada yang paling baik ialah Ulama yang baik”. 
(Related by Ad-Darimi)

The society will be destroyed and damaged when Ulama'-Su Us as Imam to follow and be reliable. Therefore, the public should know the difference between Ulama'-Su Us by scholars who inherit knowledge of the prophets. Ulama’-Us Su claimed can be categorized easily as a ”self proclaimed” Ulama. And there are so many of them nowadays especially that ones involve in petty politics.

Ulama are bunch of people positioned on the highest ranking in Islamic society and civilization, and they are the ones that carrying our prophet Muhammad S.A.W will. And they deserved the respect from us. Why they got that title and deserve that respect?

Is it simply they just have more knowledge on religion than us?
Is it simply they have beard, wear robes and head gear?
Is it simply cause they can pops out tonees of Fatwas?
Is it simply they can be judgmental by saying this guy kafir or that guy munafiq just by not agreeing with them?

Nope, nothing of the above. Ulama’ in short, in modern world today we called PRO’s the above only a small fraction of the Ulama’ bigger tasks or perks. These guys have most of the answers we seek whether it is religion or non-religion. These guys should know the answers or most of it. They are steering committee of the civilization, they are pioneers, and trend setters. They are one of the key factors that contributed the Golden Age of Islamic civilization long time ago. You can check out the history books, what the Ulama of the old days have done and achieved. Not just setting structured Islamic laws and books that are directly or indirectly involve in todays modern civilization achievements either it is in Mathematics, Science, Chemical, Politics, Navigation etc, they are the driven force behind Islamic Civilization achievements. These guys deserved the title. Being an Ulama is a very tough job, that’s why they got the title “Pewaris Nabi”.

So now, the so called today Ulama in Malaysia deserved the title “Pewaris Nabi” or the highest respect? Seriously, when I compared the pass history and today, I do not know they should deserve it.

The Ulamas should not just be neutral, but they must be able to uphold the standard PEWARIS NABI. They must be able to perform more than average people like us. Is it just by graduating from Al Azharr or sekolah pondok, wearing robes, serba, have a beard and can understand Al-Quran and Sunnah alone can be PEWARIS NABI? When I compared the past and today, I DON’T THINK SO!

I take one example, Umar Al-Khattab, he standardized the Dinar currency system for the whole Middle East continent (not just 1 country) which at the end become more fairer and corrected the unfairness of barter trade system that was implemented during that time. There’s many more example. You guys can check it out in the history books what the Ulamas of the past have done and achieved.

Personally, why we today, don’t have Ulamas like in the past? It might got to do with the training today. As I opened up the biographies of the past Ulamas, their training are strict, and the training methods have a pattern.  By 6 years old, most of the future Ulamas are already mastered the Al-Quran in and out, people called it Tahfiz. Actually from Tahfiz they learn one trait – photographic memory which is essential in learning or storing complex information in your brain. After their mastered the Tahfiz school, they are sent to a more specialized school of their interest either medical, Geography, legal, economics, detailed Islamic studies etc. It is the same pattern Imam Al-Ghazali, Ibn Nafis, Ibn Rusyd, Al Gebra, Ibn Sina – their training almost the same pattern – master Tahfiz first by 6 to 10 years old, then sent to the specialized school. That’s why they are top performers and positioned in a very high ranking in the society. These Ulamas are GENIUS!! And they fit the title – ULAMA PEWARIS NABI.

I’ve heard there’s a politician proposed a system or an idea “mengulamakan Ulama” in order to strengthen the Ummah. We can’t depend anymore on sekolah pondok or Al-Azhar to give birth of Ulamas today, must be new training system like the old days.

Somehow I do agree, cause Ulamas today personally aint the same as Ulama before which their masters the knowledge of both worlds, either it is religion or non-religion.


Personally, I think HUDUD can work, not just for Muslims but for others too. HUDUD it is not just about cutting hands that we seem it is so huge and covers a lot of areas. We have seen it works before during the Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin. How from Abu Bakar to Ali it changes the lives of those pitiful Arabs to be one of the most prosperous economy and society, strong military and solid foreign trade. And it changes and alleviates them in such a short time. In short years those guys are at PAR with the ROMANS and PERSIANS. And it just not about the religion, it’s about the system too.

But bare in mind, those people like Abu Bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali worked hard on developing the systems that supporting the HUDUD law, from it legal, economic, currency system which locked on stable commodity and even the simple post office, everything are developed to support the HUDUD system. Everyday is EUREKA for them. They even seek from non-Muslims advice too to ensure it works for all. They didn’t depend on Quran verses only like what PAS people doing now, just cut and paste and then post it on youtube to gain votes.

Sadly, the system that need to be further develop to support HUDUD system basically come to a slow down or pause after Ali was assassinated. And it was not rigorously continued. It is very sad that Al-Azhar University doesn’t play that role too, nowadays. Most of those students that graduated from there are judgementalists that keep judging you are not Muslim enough, bla bla bla and all. And it is the same thing with our religious schools in our country. It is sad to see that. That’s the fact.

If we want HUDUD system to happen, the supporting system that shoulders HUDUD need to be developed first. Why? Cause God gave us brains to think and figure out about it, GOD didn’t give us all the answers, some we need to think for ourselves. If not, no point GOD creates AKAL. And it might take years or even hundred of years.

If conventional banking today took more than 400 years to be developed since renaissance, why cant HUDUD? We should think about it and give it a shot. And we have found out that voting for PAS doesn’t guarantee the implementation or even further detailed development of the system. With Karpal, LGE, Anwar around, it will definitely PAUSED.

So where do we start? Let’s start to break free from conventional western liberal economy and social system first. Then one at the time, we find ways to develop it. Like today, there’s a guy who come up with DINAR system and Islamic Banking system. And we all know whos that guy. That idea might be our escape from the unfair conventional economic system. That idea might be our salvation.

Even though it is not perfect or at infant stage, we should look into it and start to support it. Economy is primary part of our life and HUDUD is a system that were designed to govern our life, so therefore good and fair economic system I can consider part of HUDUD too. And somehow I think, currency speculators deserve their hand to be cut (Anwar wont want that happened to his speculators friends, right?)

Actually, HUDUD can be implemented but not today. As in stages, the structures that supporting HUDUD need to be erected first, such as financial instruments, currency systems, forensic, etc. And it will take hundred of years of continuous support and research. And this situation will be like REINVENTING THE WHEEL. I don’t mind reinventing the wheel, as long it is our wheel and it is fair for us all.

As for me, I’m one of the people will support any alternatives that will break us free from the current systems that have failed us all. And I noticed, there’s one guy who proposed alternative currency system to USD the DINAR and that guy is an UMNO guy. We can start there. From there, we could build a more fairer financial instruments free of speculation and unfairness, And from there, we can have our HUDUD a pure JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Therefore, I would like to say NO to Anwar Ibrahim and his USD currency system and unregulated capitalism system. The world need to change, it is time Malaysian move on with the tides. Europe have change it from Dollar to Euro, why can’t we?

If PR wants to adapt HUDUD laws, a lot of bankers and currency speculators will loose their hands, this includes SOROS too. Now the question, is PR really wants to adapt HUDUD laws? Or just a LIP SERVICE to this country Moslems to gain more votes?
I doubt Anwar and his DAP lackeys want SOROS to loose his hand. If SOROS loose his hand, how he going to sign the fund transfer documents?

But first things first, before even HUDUD comes around, we have to break free from the current liberal western systems first, slowly but surely. I am not a western hater, but those liberalized western ways or systems that Anwar proposed have proven that caused damages and harm, not just to us but to their own western people. We have seen what happened in US, Europe and latest Dubai. It is time for change. Bare in mind those US, Europe are trying to change too from the normalities and standards that have been used for very long time. If they are changing, why don’t we?

We can start by saying NO! first to Anwar Ibrahim. Or Anwar himself have to abandon his own systems, ways and his own systems, ways and his US friends like Shaha Riza, Wolfowitz, etc which I doubt he would do that.

This is the primary problem and the KEY REASON, when people asked Nik Aziz or any PAS Ulamas, why don’t you make Hudud happen in Kelantan? And they cant answer it, yet END UP GIVING EXCUSES.

Syeikh Al Juburi zaman dulu2

“But around the 15th Century of the Christian era, fatwas were made by Muslim Ulamas that IQRAQ or read was intended for reading and studying religion only. From then on, the Muslim scientists, physicians, mathematicians etc stopped their study of these subjects in order to study religion exclusively.”

Because the Ulamas today doesn’t have a clue what to do next, because they aren’t trained in the supporting system disciplines like the Ulamas in the old days. That’s why people like Abu Bakr As Siddiq, Umar Al-Khattab, Usman bin Affan and Ali and before 14th Centuries Ulamas are able to make the Islamic Laws work nicely, not just that they managed to turn such a poor Arab civilization into one of the greatest in the world, and it become the a shining light to the world.

You guys check it for yourselves the timeframe. Islamic civilization were at the highest during 700 till 1300, when it reaches 15 centuries, it start to deteriorate (merudum) and guys, check out the statement highlighted above, is it justified enough?

Open the history books, the rise and deterioration of Islamic Civilization, satisfy yourselves.

The question is :


If SOROS loose his hands, how he going to sign the fund transfer documents?

The answer is time and resources and hard work and reality. And HUDUD is not just a mere Islamic laws, it is a system. And it has worked before during the 4 Khalifah Rasyidin, Such a short time those loose Arabs civilization have changed from ZERO to HERO at par with ROMANS and PERSIANS. This is a fact. And these 4 Khalifahs really do the developments works to support the laws. Not just mere rhetorics. It is sad that after the assassination of Ali R.A, the R&D were slow down and it end up at pause cause during that moment, Moslems were busy on expansion and fighting among each other. The Abbasiyah and Ummayah conflicts. And somehow it looks almost similar here in Malaysia, but smaller scale.

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