Tuesday, 3 April 2012

German : The Pioneer of Biggest Builders & Investors Nuclear Energy

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), those fossil fuel power plant killed far more many people every year compared to nuclear power plant in 20 years. Bangladesh alone is 50k to 200k/year, no wonder they went for nuclear power plant now, cheaper and safer. TB, asthma etc originated from those fossil fuel power plants. And that, those fossil fuel powered plant operates in normal mode, what if it blows up? 

Germany have been the biggest builders and investors in Nuclear energy, practically they are the pioneer. There are almost 160 reactors are being planned and proposed in China alone. And Germany is building at least half of those that’s in China only. Maybe in Malaysia, if we choose to build a nuclear power plant, it might be build by the German. That’ how it is.

It was the Germans that basically introduce Nuclear Energy. In 1939, they formed Uranverein (Uranium Club). Who are these guys? Kurt Diebner, Abraham Esau, Walther Gerlach, Erich Schumann, Albert Einstein, Walther Bothe, Klaus Clusius, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Werner Heisenberg and many more. These guys are the fathers of nuclear technology all of them are Germans. Either Americans, Chinese or even Russia, they have German Physicists / scientists working or leading their nuclear technology. Germany has more nuclear scientists in whole of Europe and today nuclear have become a lucrative industry due to astronomical increase of fossil fuel plants. So you think Merkel seriously going to close shop??? HELL NO!!! She’s just saying it for the popularity to get votes and diverting economic crises that they having environmental issues, that’s all. Nowadays German scientists and companies are all over the world building and teaching about nuclear power plants to the world. That’s the reality and the fact about Germany Nuclear Energy.

European Union today they have almost similar power grids which each other and they share it among each other with similar pricing in EURO. Like making Airbus making their plane each components came from each different states in European Union. Same as Power Plants, France and Russia supply power almost all to EU states, France have 58 and Russia have 32. And the whole of EU they got 195!! And they are building at least 19 every year. And who’s the biggest investors in EU nuclear?? It still Germany!! They just close 7 old ones but they still have 17. And they are not behind Germany backyard? Those nuclear plants in France are just a few kilometers away from Germany. Merkel just saying it for popularity, election is coming but her action is otherwise. That’s the fact about EU.

Do you seriously think Chancellor Merkel of Germany is sincere enough to CLOSE SHOP their nuclear power technology??? Why don’t she close the NEW Nuclear Power Plant build by Germany, why she close only the already DUE to be shutdown only? Do you know that the best Universities to learn nuclear power technology are in Germany? Do you know that US MIT Techonology University only provides scholarship to anyone who learns nuclear tech in Germany, France and Japan only? (MIT CANES is Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Scholarship) Why Merkel didn’t shut down the University? If Merkell is sincere to close shop their nuclear technology in Germany, why don’t she shutdown all the German investors and power corporations that have been advising, designing, building the nuclear power plants around the world today that have brought money back to German economy? If Merkel sincere to shutdown Nuclear Tech, is she willing to "erase" that the founders of Nuclear Tech is Germans scientists and willing to "erase" all their work? Think again YL Chew. She ain’t sincere. She’s just diverting the bad economy panic issues in Germany to environmental issues, that’s all.

Germany actually disbanding those nuclear power plants in the south because it is old, and actually Germany buying nuclear power source from France and Czech, those 2 countries have more than 50 nuclear plants and they over supplied so Germany buy from them without investing in new ones. France and the Czech Republic are feeding in nuclear power into southern Germany now that older German nuclear power plants have been shut down.

Andree Bohling, Greenpeace energy expert said ;

"It is not true that Germany would not have enough of its own capacity with the shutdown old nuclear power plants. The increased imports can be explained by the reaction of the electricity markets, who still continue to supply with the cheaper electricity – and it can at times come increasingly from nuclear plants in in France”.

Therefore YL Chew, enough said, let’s go nuclear.

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