Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Siapakah George Soros?

Ini kenyataan Soros, tidak ada kena mengena dengan etika atau betul/salah atau setiakawan, yang penting hanyalah duit. - "It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong."

Soros adalah salah seorang pelabur yang mengaut keuntungan dari krisis Arab secara besar-besaran, dan pada masa yang sama jugak beliau adalah Pengerusi Yayasan Demokrasi yang sedang menghasut anak2 muda Arab untuk tunjuk perasaan. Sementara anak muda Arab tunjuk perasaan, beliau dok kaut ratusan billion sambil minum fresh orange dalam pesawat peribadinya. Maka dengan ini Soros adalah antara pelabur yang terhebat dikurun ini.

G.Soros bukan setakat pelabur yang hebat tetapi seorang salesman yang hebat jugak, beliau cukup pakar menjual slogan2 seperti “ketuanan rakyat” (peoples power), demokrasi, menentang korupsila, hak asasi manusia sampai ramai anak2 muda boleh terpengaruh sebab memang market dia adalah anak2 muda. Lepas anak2 muda terpengaruh, dia kebas duit, bukan sedikit tetapi ratusan billion. Cukup hebat!! 

Korang tengok gambar ni elok2, anak muda arab penat keluar peluh tunjuk perasaan, tetapi Soros kat mana? Ya dia mungkin berada di kepulauan milik peribadinya sambil minum fruit punch dan kira duit masuk. Adakah Soros membayar gaji anak2 muda arab ini untuk tunjuk perasaan? Tidak sama sekali, Soros dah save manpower cost  … hehehe. Margin Keuntungan yang cukup tinggi. 

Sementara anak2 muda Arab tunjuk perasaan, syarikat2 institusi kewangan yang ada kaitan dengan Soros SEDANG MEMBERI TIP CARA NAK BUAT UNTUNG DARI KRISIS MESIR HAHAHAHAHA!!! Soros memang hebat. Klik sini.
Soros bukan kawan sesiapa pun. Di US, pelabur2 gelarkan Soros adalah Snake/Ular. Dia ni lebih kepada menggunakan orang untuk kaut untung. Di US pada awalnya dia support Bush lepas tu dia tikam Bush, support Obama, la ni dia dok tikam Obama/Demokrat. Di Mesir dia gunakan Ikhwanul Muslimin, lepas dapat untung dia tinggalla. Samala mcm kes Anwar, dia gunakan Anwar je.

Kalimah "Allah" - What's Wrong with you, Christians?

 Today is kalimah Allah, tomorrow is GAY RIGHTS and the next day GAY MUSLIMS can have their own mosque like GAY CHRISTIANS in Western Countries, this doesnt make any sense. The way our country going in liberalising and allowing things are on the wrong path.

Even though it sound a bit ridiculuous, but this sort of stuff does happen in the west. Especially the latest whereby man can marry another man, and have a marriage certificate. And this sort of stuff starts from somewhere or issue like liberalising kalimah Allah to be use by all religion.

As a one of the leader that have their own supporters like Anwar Ibrahim, he should have other better things to do rather than playing around with theologies and translations such as fulfilling his promises like "Merakyatkan Ekonomi Negeri Selangor" which have shown nothing significant until this very moment.

The point or angle I would like to bring across here is that is not about Malaysian Muslims being intolerant not allowing the Allah word to used by all religion or gay rights but the problem making involve the technicality aspects which is the civil courts in dictating or mendling with standard and spiritual aspect of each religion. Actually at the end might make the Christians who requested this shooting their own foot. Let me tell you all why:

1. The issue argued was only on the translation which God/Tuhan in Arab means Allah which is more on technicality. Ok, now what if 1 day, a Christian kid asked his mother, “Why our Allah and my Muslim buddy Allah different but they got same name?” Does it sound a bit confusing/tricky here? This does not include yet other religion like Hindu or Buddha, what if they choose to go to court and request to use the word Allah which means Tuhan and translate all their scriptures and books to Malay/Arab? So does it make any sense here? How many Allah going to be?

2. We have seen in the west what happened when technicality/translation were brought in to justify some gays the rights to be part of Christianity and having their own churches. For more than 2000 years since the early days of Christianity, one of their primary doctrins that gay hood are totally prohibited, not just that, the Bible also indirectly prohibited it through the story of Sodom and Gomorrah (correct me here). So somewhere in 2001/2002 somewhere in US, the court has approved the same sex marriage and they have the right to be a fellow Christians and at the same time can still continue their acts. Not just that, even porn stars also can have their own churches. For 2000 years, Christian, whether it is Catholic/Protestant or whatever have remain solid to this prohibition of gay acts or any morale misconduct doctrin, but they end up those central core doctrin being tested/challenged due to 1 simple technical aspect. The sentence is "Jesus sacrifice for the love of all mankind". And in the court the word "all mankind" does includes gay guys and porn stars and whatever. I’ve learn this issue from a Philipine friend of mine which is a Chatolic Pastor at his hometown which having a hard time accepting the Christian gays or churches in their fold. It is total nightmare for him. What can he do or even Vatican do? The court says so. And I’ve even gave him a straight question "Who’s the boss now? Is it the Vatican or the US Justice?" Which silenced him and after that I seek his forgiveness not intending to joke about it.

3. I have no intent to mock or humiliate the Malaysian Christians, I do have a lot of Christian buddies and I do respect them all and what they believe in. But I’ve seen the issues they had in the west, it is a total nightmare and confusing. The primary problems here letting human courts making the decision in terms of each religion theologies and standards from the technical aspect point of view. The best here is start to limit the jurisdiction of the human court just to individual cases not overall if it comes to religion. If this stuff can happen to Islam in this country what makes other technical issue don’t happen to other religion like Christian, Hindu, Buddha or others?

Instead of opposing the utilization of kalimah Allah, we should go to the source of the problem which is the court involvement in meddling or setting the each religion theologies, standards or even translation. Its time for us to limit their powers to individual cases only.
If today this technical screw up happen to Islam today, what makes it won't happen to other religion too? We have seen what happen in the west and we should have learn something about it by now. As I said earlier, today is Kalimah Allah, tomorrow is GAY RIGHTS and the next day GAY MUSLIMS can have their own mosque like GAY CHRISTIANS in Western Countries, this doesnt make any sense.

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