Sunday, 2 September 2012

Barrack Obama - Can He "Change"?

 The only thing that Obama can "CHANGE" is changing his mind ;D

This from what I've read on what happening/initial results in US mid term Democrat campaign from the International and local media. Well one thing for sure, Obama is the 1st Black US President and he might be last Black president too after looking on what is happening in US currently.

Is it about racism of the whites majority in US? NO!! It is about pride and expectations of the majority race in US which is the white. The whites suddenly expect him Mr.Obama to perform better in short time than any previous white presidents combined such as Kennedy, Carter etc. And they expect Obama to solve the crisis in a year … hahaha. That’s what you will get when a minority ruled a majority and it is basic human behaviour. It is the same in Chile, what happened to Fujimori when the Japanese minority ruling the Latin majority? One simple mistake, he lost his job and went to jail.

In short, the majority races will expect the minority race that rule them to be a superman. It happens in Fiji too and many countries where when a leader from the minority race rule the majority race.

So will it work if a minority race ruling the majority in Malaysia? (The Malays). Majority of those Malays will not be a racist but they will give the leader from minority race a very high expectations, and the leader need to be 10 times greater than the 6 Malay PM (inclusive Tun) combined. And the majority race will definitely expect the results in less than a year. And they expect the leader to be like them (the majority/Malay) too. I know it is unfair, but that is how it is. And that is life.

So does it reflect on our country? Yes it does. Lately we have heard that our minority brothers like Chinese and Indians wanted to have a shot to become top man in our country.

Personally (I know many Malays wont like when I say this), yes you can. If the leader from the minority race have the popularity, skills and clean, definitely you can. But can you handle the majority expectations? I`m talking about 65% majority here. You might loose your hair in 10 days ;P

And having a very high expectations doesn’t link anything with racism.
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