Thursday, 18 October 2012

Can Anwar Mark Down the Price Increase???

People talking about increases prices of goods. Ok now lets get the facts straight. Is our government increasing the price? And if Anwar in power, will he give lower prices?
1st question, is our government increasing the price? My answer is NO!! Why??

Our government is not in total control of the supply in demand scenario in this country. What our government can control mostly is subsidizing. Subsidizing is actually governing our price most of the goods in this cuntry.

In this current situation, our government didn’t increase the price, but what they did is letting go some of the costs that they have been absorbing/subsidizing to the people a bit, so those funds could be use for creating new jobs or whatever they wanted to do. The price of those goods already increased since 2001, since the war on Iraq broke out (thanks to Anwar circle of friends). And our government had been absorbing ever since then to take care the well being of our people.

My personal opinion sacrifices need to be made in order to maintain stability in this current economic status. I heard some of the people said, “harga mahallah, matilah” and so on. My answer is simple, you can choose whether ;

a) You sacrifice a bit to maintain stability until the economic situation is warm up a bit or ;

b) You lost your country stability in the near future and at the end, is a guaranteed that you will definitely lose everything, like those Russians did in 1990s. They complaining to their government and what happened? The government lose stability, the people can’t even buy a slice of bread. 

It is simple. Sacrifice or lose government stability, and ending up loose everything. Pick your choice.

My other personal opinion, the government should increase the SAFETY NET (income) of the citizens instead reducing the goods price, so the people can afford the increasing of goods. If the government keeps on focusing in reducing the goods price, at the end no businessmen want to do business and supply. Citizens will lose by losing the needs, job opportunities, business opportunities, etc.

What our citizens need is higher SAFETY NET and what our citizens want is reducing of goods price. Should focus what citizens need.

2nd question, can Anwar guarantee and maintain definitely lower of the price of commodities?
What Idris Jala mentioned is true. And of course the truth is always ain’t pretty. It became true when the oil price increased more than 500% than actual costs, thanks to the speculations and Iraq wars lies. And that astronomical increase of fuel price will cause a chain reactions, inclusive affecting government change (I was wondering whether Anwar circle of friends behind this. His friend Wolfowitz lied about the war and cause this actually).

We have discussed this many times and we find it, Anwar won’t reduce the price lower than that, unless Mercantile Exchange or OPEC reduce it, hich is far more higher than set by our government.

Liberalisation of all economic policies means, it gives more power to the businessman to set their prices which are basically based on the markets need versus the supplies. It means, government has lesser control on the commodities price. In short, less regulations.

Allowing speculators to operate freely. He told us in 1997, the monetary speculators are legit, they have done nothing wrong. Bare in mind, speculators are not just operating in currencies trade. They speculating commodities prices too, like petroleum, sugar, wood, minerals, oils palms and many more. And today, our current oil prices are not at actual cost, a minimum of 40% are speculated based on rumors and current situation. And Anwar won’t follow Russia to break away from OPEC pricing like Iran or Venezuela wanted (simple cause his circle of friends is not the Russians). And he will definitely gives excuses that is someone else fault. Without the regulations of speculating commodities, the price can never be reduced.

It is the same with water, at this moment he gave false hope to the people with reduced price and currently Selangor state are taking RM13 million/month extra costs. The water supply costs getting higher and they can’t bare it anymore. So what they did, they just simply blame it on BN and then let the people absorb the future costs of increasing water price. At the end, the water price still increase. They just lied to the people and get votes. What MB Selangor said recently about cronism in water situation is just an ESCAPE CLAUSE because the water price in Selangor is looking to go back to normal. So did he definitely reduce the water price? NO!!

 There are so many points and policies that showed Anwar won’t reduce the prices definitely. In short term, yes, just to get the votes. All those are just empty promises. So who can guarantee Anwar can lower the prices mentioned definitely forever???

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