Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Effect of Fossil Fuel Power Plant

Steffen Hentrich of the German Liberal Institute presented a comparison of the safety of various sources of energy. Is this claim founded on solid data and facts, or is it run-away hysteria?.Shown are the number of deaths per terawatt-hour of energy produced. Coal Fired Power Plant is the highest.

1)    Photovoltaic power generation kills, per terawatt-hour, 11 times more people than nuclear. 

2)    From Fossil Fuel Power Plant - Worldwide, indoor smoke from solid fuel combustion causes about 21% of deaths from lower respiratory infections, 35% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and about 3% of deaths from lung cancer.

3)    Indoor air pollution from solid fuel use and urban outdoor air pollution are estimated to be responsible for 3.1 million premature deaths worldwide every year and 3.2% of the global burden of disease.

4)    In the year 2004, outdoor air pollution in urban areas was responsible for almost 1.2 million deaths (2% of all deaths) and 0.6% of the global burden of disease. 

5)    Transportation-related air pollution, which is a significant contributor to total urban air pollution, increases the risks of cardiopulmonary-related deaths and non-allergic respiratory disease. Some evidence supports an association of transportation-related air pollution with increased risks of lung cancer, myocardial infarction, increased inflammatory response and adverse pregnancy outcomes (e.g. premature birth and low birth weight).

How many deaths in Fukushima due to radiation? Can u give me a figure? Serious is Serious, if fossil fuel power plants blows up like that also cause problems like poisonous smoke in the air and that is a confirm death if that happen. But in Fukushima still 0 death toll due to radiation. In normal working condition without blowing up like in Fukushima, nuke is safe but fossil fuel power plant already cause death 4.3 million deaths on yearly basis worldwide due to the smoke they emitted. That’s a fact. 

Every type of plants whether fossil fuel or nuclear will have their own problems. The question now is, which cause less problems? Humans already figure out the techniques and methods to mitigate radiation hence Fukushima with 0 deaths from radiation. But human still unable to figure out the techniques to mitigate poisonous fumes in our air effectively. In normal and stable working condition fossil fuel already cause worldwide 4.3 million deaths on yearly basis from the carbon and poison emission. That is only in normal working condition, what if it blows up?
There are reasons that Kyoto Protocol now favors nuclear power plant over fossil fuel power we have now. Even Greenpeace top leaderships changed their mind and now favors nuclear. And whole of EU they increasing it to 19 reactors, today they got 195. First, the nuke techno have evolved since Chernobyl days, they are more safe and cheap than before compare to fossil fuel power plants.

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