Thursday, 1 March 2012

Anwar Ibrahim and the Bloody Hands

I’m intrigued with someone did ask me that we all should have better things to do rather digging about foreign issues like Iraq / US. Yeah, why should us? Is it not important? IT IS IMPORTANT, I’M GOING TO TELL YOU ALL WHY.

I’m avid reader of war stories. I’m intrigue with the reasons, tactics, characters, tools etc. I’ve read battle of Pheonix, battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Badr, Uhud, Battle of Hattin, The Crusades, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Falklands War, 6 Days Wars, Sengoku Period etc.

All these human beings died for a reason, either it is wrong or right. But for this Iraq War, it is the first of its kind in human history, people died for NOTHING, either the invasion soldiers or Iraqis. They all died for a reason that is not even there, they died for a LIE.

This is not right and might be a beginning that wars can start from a FALSE pretext. And this thing can happen to anyone, anywhere, either it is your dad, mom, sister, etc, whoever you are whether you are Muslim, Buddhist or Christians. AND THE BEST PART, SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT BEHIND THIS, ADMITTED IT. AND THAT GUYS IS TONY BLAIR. And the people behind this lie still walks on this earth as FREE MAN.

Mr.Bloody Hands, one of Anwar's best friend

So, are we ok with this? Is this the better future we looking for? Wars can start based on nothing and lie? Where’s the JUSTICE FOR ALL?
What actually the outcome of this war besides some dead Iraqis that according the person said we should ignore or even give a damn???

What happened was the price of crude oil escalated from USD 24/ barrel just within a year? And there are so many increases of prices of goods cause of direct results from this. So now, who’s paying for high increase of costs? ITS ME, YOU, YOUR MOM, YOUR DAD, YOUR UNCLE, YOUR FRIEND, THE WORLD. AND ALL PAID IT BECAUSE OF A LIE.

This situation triggers the World economic meltdown. How many business going down the drain and people loosing jobs because of this? Si is this the better future you talking about?

Previously in US, the people of the US have thrown out these people who behind the WMD lies out of White House. And it is a historical result too, THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN president. Some of those people who behind or in cohorts / shared with WMD lies retired and have a good life or write a book, some resign from World Bank and some still in Republican undermining Barack Obama. And one of them today joined a foundation chaired by Anwar Ibrahim in Washington. That person is Shaha Riza.

This is not a lie or even a secret. It is in Wikipedia and all major media in the west. And this person, Shaha Riza is going to give advises to the potential Malaysia PM. After looking on what she and her friends have done to the world, should we accept our potential PM that are going to take advises from her?? The way of she thinking are far too dangerous for us. We have seen what happened to the world and I can’t imagine what will happened to our country if her ideas reaching our shoes.

The US citizens already removed them from White House and said NO!! to these people. Why don’t we do the same, say NO! to the person that hired her and the way of thinking.

The best part, Anwar Ibrahim used the high price of fuel and goods that resulted from WMD lies and used on BN as his propaganda tools. That’s great. Actually when the increase of fuel, now we all know who to blame on and we should “back charged” it to Anwar Ibrahim’s foundation based in Washington.

And today the replica of the world that Anwar wants to bring upon us is using the not so better world methods in recovering their economy and their own people jobs – THE BAIL OUT. I was wondering which the better world now?

From WMD lies, there some people paid with their lives, some with their money, some with hope and the right to earn from jobs and business. And a lot people around the world includes us here in Malaysia felt the pain. Is that the better world we talking about?

Seriously, Anwar Ibrahim should not associating himself with these type of people. I do not understand why her. Anwar can hire someone else. There are more 200million US people that Anwar can make friends with. I do not understand why he still associating himself with these troublemakers.

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  1. The love of my life will bring war to Malaysia if he could.Anything to be a sodomising prime minister.


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