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Is Malaysia A Corrupt Country?

It makes me laugh when one of the PKR guys talks about our own country corruption index based on western rating agencies. My question is very simple, why US and Europe are not on the top 10 lists the worst corruption index in the world? BARE IN MIND, Maddoff corruption alone is already amounting USD50 billion which already 20% of our country GDP in 2008. It is quite simple, those lists can’t be trusted and bunch of lies. I’ll explain why, read.

Rating Agency or third corruption agency are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE / BIAS AND LYING information. The reasons are very simple :

Why America and Britain / Europe are not in the top 10 lists of the worst corrupted in the world?

Maddoff alone did quiet big corruption value which amounting to USD50billion. This value alone matches 20% of our country (Malaysia) GDP in 2008 and this have been done by one person. This does not include the lies of Iraq wars which amounting to USD3 trillion, Lehmann Brothers, Fannie & May, Subprime crises, Enron and many more which amounting to hundreds of USD trillions. And this only in US alone. The total value of corruption / scandals in US alone outweighed all the countries GDP’s in those lists. Cant imagine only one man corruption (Maddoff) already amounting 20% of our country GDP.

There are more scandals / corruptions in Europe such as Banking and Financial scandals which amounting billions of EUROS. How about their industries like the Quandts families involvement in NAZI schemes which securing them capitals to acquire BMW?

It is quite strange all those European and US are not on the worst corrupted countries due to information and corruptions @ scandals values mentioned above? From here, we can see it just ANOTHER ONE BIG LIE.

It is quite typical of PKR using LYING information to spread their LIES.
Therefore, anyone has any explanations on item above to prove that those corruption index table are correct? The conclusion is very simple, those white folks who made these table are bunch of guys that instructed people NOT TO SMOKE but they themselves are SMOKING!!!

I am foreigner of United States of America, England, Europe or whatever knew all their political parties are corrupted too, like Democrate, Republican, Labor party, you name it. So tell me, if they are not corrupt, why these stuff ever happened? :

The lies of the war on Iraq happened?
Why the world economic downturn happened?
Why the heavy pollution and deteriorating of western environmental elements happened?
Why the wrong things like pornography ever approved?
Why the unfair treatment of human rights group towards Palestinian issue?
Why the people who supplied the weapons to kids in children war in Africa can still be innocent (blood diamond issue)?
Why war profiteering can be approved?
Why drug lords can still walk the streets of Miami freely?
Why bogus manipulations of commodity prices are legal in mercantile exchange in New York?
Why the pay-outs / bribe of the Iraqis Generals in order for them not to fight are called “Enduring Freedom Funds” rather than be called a Pay out?
Why Enron, scandals and many more ever happened?

I can go on forever. You just need to name any time frame, from Renaissance, 1900s the fall of Monarchies in Europe, 1940s the World War 2 period to Vietnam and until today, I can give you a simple lists of heavy corruptions did by those foreigners, off hand. Maybe you could give me some justifications or ask the writer some justifications that those lists I just gave you are not corrupt :D

I did ask the question over a teh tarik session, “What you think about our corruption level in this country” to a director one of the biggest European corporation in the world. 6 of their projects are in the discovery channel. And the world is their playground.
He told me that “Out of the countries they have made dealings in this face of the planet, our country is the least corrupt compared to all, the difference is those western @ developed countries, they did it in style, they did it in Armani suits and Gucci shoes (it means they legalized the corruption, they got the techniques and instruments to execute the corruption)”

And he continued, “If you think Malaysia is corrupt, why all the multinational corporations and governments in this planet are so willing to do business with your country?” And he added, “Your country still have the good level of integrity, we just need to see the emblems / create of Government of Malaysia in any documents to attract us to do business, that’s the level of trust we have towards your country”
The west people told us that we are corrupt, but instead they are far more worst.

Let me make this straight. I am not saying all the people around me are corrupt. And I don’t say that we need to be corrupt cause everyone is corrupt. And I don’t say that we need to be corrupt cause everyone is corrupt. What I said is about A BUNCH OF PEOPLE THAT CALLS EVERYONE CORRUPT BUT THEY THEMSELVES ARE FAR MORE WORST. The accusers corruption are far more worst, millions of people died because of their corruptions. 72 million in WW2. 1 million in Iraq war lies. So tell me, should we follow whatever they say in their mumbo jumbo article?

“But its quite unfortunate that you fail to grasp the fact that when a person from a corrupt country tells you that your country is corrupt too, its means he really means what he said. Cuz he’s familiar with it” – It makes things far more worst when a person wrote about someone else mistakes rather their own country. That is very hypocrite and self righteous attitude.

Usually the people that claim themselves clean and self righteous are always the corrupt ones. I take 2 examples, Pinochet, he claimed that he championed integrity, rights and zero corruption, and looks what have he become. He became one of the most evil and corrupted dictator in this face of planet. He removed ISA in his country but replaced with Death Squad.

Another example, KOFI ANNAN. He was so self righteous and at the end he was accused of Oil for Food scandal and many more. SELF RIGHTEOUS people always end up the worse kind of people. They are many more self righteous people I could list down and at the end, they are the worst kind. In our country is enough. Look at PAS, they are self proclaiming of free corruption and Islam, look what happened to KOHILAL and they are not even controlling the Ministry of Finance yet. My Ustaz taught me a very valuable lesson, “A person that keeps telling about other people mistakes are always the worst” and “Every time you point a finger, there’s 3 more point back at you”.

When I read the article, its very typical, it is hypocritical, elements of double standards and one sided as if everyone else is clean. If you want to write something about corruption, you have to be fair and involve all people corruptions that means inclusive his own country or to make it easy, make it into very general corruption article. And I made a very standard reply to these type of articles, “How about you?”
The article I found has another agenda rather than sincerely talk about corruption. From the article, I could judge the writer should be REAL when talking about corruptions.

Tell me those 10 lists I gave you are not corrupted acts.
If yes it is a corrupted acts, then why they keep calling other people corrupt? A different agenda perhaps?
The writer said we are so corrupt, then why so many Multinational companies around the world want to do business with us. Why many Africans countries refer Tun Mahathir as their voice in PBB?

Our country need those leaders with the policies and skills that actually worked like some I mentioned above, not some mumbo jumbo stories about corruption which they themselves are far more worst.

This is clip shows ONE OF THE WAYS the White House staffer gets rich. As per Mr. Cenk – “There’s something wrong with the system”

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