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As to date, PETRONAS are listed one of the SEVEN SISTERS. Seven Sisters are the 7 corporation that dominates the world Oil & Gas markets. How come with only 4 billion barrel reserve and domestic production of mere 250,000 billion per day can achieve that status??? 

  the color might same as PAS flag, but PAS didn’t perform as Petronas did

Definitely one of the key reason, that Petronas can achieve that status is :


Lets put back in perspective, lets check the lists and their country oil reserves :

a)    Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) – 264,100,000,000 barrel reserve
b)    JSC Gazprom (Russia) – 79,000,000,000 barrel reserve
c)    CNPC (China) – 15,700,000,000 barrel reserve
d)    NIOC (Iran) – 137,600,000,000 barrel reserve
e)    PDVSA (Venezuela) – 98,590,000,000 barrel reserve
f)     Petrobras (Brazil) – 12,620,000,000 barrel reserve
g)   PETRONAS (Malaysia) – 4,000,000,000 barrel reserve

Check it out, only 4 billion reserved compared with other 6 sisters. HOW COME PETRONAS GOT LISTED??? Where the other oil they got from and made their money and managed to get the position???

Because its Petronas rezeki due to they are PRO and they don’t have Anwar Ibrahim as their advisor.

Oil Consumption Database in Malaysia

The categories of Oil Producers are between 4 to 5 million barrel per day. It shows we are not in the big boys league in Oil Producing.
Our country consumption of Oil / Fuel is between 547,000 barrel per day.
Petronas refineries only produced between 250,000 to 200,000 barrel per day. Other half are imported or refined by other O&G corporation like Shell and Exxon Mobil.

Our consumption is more than half everyday on what Petronas can produced from their refineries / output. And that other half of barrels of oil that our country used, have to paid as per actual market price (500% to 400% increase) since the Iraq War lies broke out, almost 10 years.

What PKR supporters said about the basic economy :

“If the fuel of price increase, more profit”

As per facts mentioned above, so now teach me about the basic economy that mentioned above, how can you make profits in your own country when consumption is far more from output / refine and you have to import or bring in to cover the extra consumption and at the same time you have to absorb / subsidize the international market price increase to 400%?

What make you say that our country are so rich with Oil / Fuel and can consider Malaysia is a big Oil Producer country? Our country reserve only have 4 billion barrel. With the current consumption of 547,000 barrel per day, we can only last for 20 years (if the consumption didn’t increase). Even Canada and US have more reserve than our country. Canada have 147 billion barrel and US have 97 billion barrel which minimum more than 200% than our country (and still they didn’t give any subsidy to their own citizens). Out of 98 countries that have reserves fuel / oil in their countries, Malaysia is only number 31! That’s nothing and pathetic! AGAIN PKR HAVE LIED TO US, MALAYSIANS.

In terms of daily productions, our country struggling to get the 500,000 barrel per day to cope with our consumption, while the REAL oil producing countries are making 10 million barrel per day. Even US are producing more than Malaysia which is amounting to 9.3 million barrel per day!! Out of those 500,000 barrel per day output to cover our consumptions, Petronas refineries only able to produce within 250,000 to 300,000 barrel per day and the remaining are produced by other O&G companies. Below are the breakdowns of the output from Malaysia refineries :

a)    Petronas maximum output : Melaka 1 – 92,832 barrel/day, Melaka 2 – 126,000 barrel/day, Kerteh – 40,000 barrel/day.
b)   Shell : Port Dickson – 125,000 barrel/day, Lutong – 45,000 barrel/day
c)    Esso : Port Dickson – 86,000 barrel/day


PKR said our government is increasing the oil price. Actually is misleading. The reality is, our government is letting go some of the subsidies that have been absorbing the already increased 400% of fuel price. The fuel price has been increased since year 2000, THANKS TO ANWAR’S BUDDIES LYING ON IRAQ WARS.

So where PETRONAS real profits came from since they are struggling to make real money in their own country? As to date, PETRONAS are listed as one of SEVEN SISTERS in O&G companies around the world. The SEVEN SISTERS are the companies the world Oil & Gas industry. Below are the lists of the SEVEN SISTERS that dominates the world O&G industry :

a)    Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
b)    JSC Gazprom (Russia)
c)    CNPC (China)
d)    NIOC (Iran)
e)    PDVSA (Venezuela)
f)     Petrobras (Brazil)

How come only with 4 billion reserves and 250,000++ barrel per day production in your own country can be one of the SEVEN SISTERS?? It is simple, they make their own money from outside country fuel. The other simple reason because ANWAR IBRAHIM IS NOT THE ADVISOR OF PETRONAS!! Nak harap Anwar?? HAAKKK PTUUUIH!!

As per 1974 Acts, Malaysian citizens only have rights on our own Malaysia fuel only NOT OUTSIDE. MALAYSIAN don’t deserve a single cents or even a subsidy from outside this country fuel income. But in 2008, Petronas have paid the government in taxes RM67.6 billion which amounting to 44% revenue of the federal government income. What makes Petronas willing to share or even subsidize with Malaysian citizens from their foreign exploits? It was the Barisan Nasional government. AGAIN PKR HAVE LIED TO US, THEY SAID ALL OF PETRONAS INCOME BELONGS TO MALAYSIAN, WHILE ACTUALLY IS NOT AS PER 1974 ACTS SINCE HALF OF THE INCOME OF PETRONAS TODAY CAME FROM FUEL THAT DOESN’T BELONG TO US.

They are many facts and figures I have from my O&G experiences and involvement, I’ll share with you guys, so you guys can know the truth. And can use it against PKR lies.

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