Saturday, 17 December 2011

Facts About DEB : For Malaysian to DIGEST

These are the FACTS for u guys to digest and use it to defend DEB against DAP false allegations. THESE ARE THE BLOCKBUSTER FACTS THAT I USED AGAINST DAP SUPPORTERS AND ALL OF THEM CORNERED. Check paragraph 33, under the results of NEP between 1970 and 1990. Results that showed the Bumis wealth increased from 2% to 20%, and the non-bumis have INCREASED TOO from 34.6% to 54.6%!!!! And foreigners reduced from 63.4% to 25.1%.

Conclusion, DEB benefitted the non-bumis too tremendously!!

From these Facts, shows that
DAP are LYING to Chinese supporters especially to create hatred towards the Malays by spinning the DEB. But rest assured u guys now have these facts as your arsenal to these DAP losers...


And one more thing,
do u guys even know who is the "Financial Architect" of DEB? It was a chinese guy, his name is Tun Tan Siew Sin. He is the longest finance minister and part of the team. Tun Razak created the concept, Tun Tan Siew put in some financial ingredient to make it work. Remember the biggest spender during that moment (60s-70s) were the Brits and foreigners, and Malaysians (Malays+Chinese) were poor. And even worse those big foreign spenders ain't spending their money to Chinese businessmen cause they dont trust the Chinese cause during that time was communists ideology run rampant. So how to solve this? Just make the Malays rich because they are the majority and they will end up spend their money on Chinese businessmen at the end of the day. At the end it is a win-win situation, Malays got their money and Chinese benefits from the Malays spending power thru DEB. It is very Simple mathematics. U guys can tell this to your Chinese friends, almost all of them forgotten Tun Tan Siew Sin Services to this country..

One more thing
the mistakes Malaysian misrepresenting the true meaning of DEB. DEB is not JUST about the rights Malays or Bumis. It is simple Mathematics to restructure back the economy by creating new anchor spending power and replacing the traditional British / foreign spending power in this country. And why Malays and Bumis were chosen? Simple, because they are the MAJORITY!!! That means spending power by volumes!! Tunku Abdul Rahman have clearly stated that about article 153. It is clear,

The DEB policy is basically originated from Reid Commision (Bunch of White Boys) in addressing ECONOMIC INBALANCE, so what it means? It means simple economic mathematics!!!! Read this ;

"Although the Bumiputra have always been the largest racial segment of the Malaysian population (about 65%), their economic position has also tended to be precarious. As late as 1970, 13 years after the drafting of the constitution, they controlled only 4% of the economy, with much of the rest being held by Chinese and foreign interests. As a result, the Reid Commission had recommended the drafting of Article 153 to address this economic imbalance..."

 I give u guys a tip on how to argue with
DAP morons regarding this DEB. Start with this question " If 65% Bumis dont have the spending power, what will happen to Chinese businessmen?" Start with that question, lets see those stupid DAP people answer it. They will get cornered. And then u guys put all the team names that makes DEB works, not just Tun Razak and presto, part of the team are Chinese too (Remember Tun Tan Siew Sin?). And see what these losers DAP will answer, and as usual again they cornered. THATS HOW U ARGUE WITH DAP SUPPORTERS!!! with FACTS!!, not just mum

Another tip to UMNO supporters here - Read a book about
Malaysia ECONOMIC HISTORY especially how this country begin their economic adventurebo jumbo saying we got rights la, whatever la.

s since 1957 till today. Especially Who is holding the spending power? What is our import export? What is our policy as per time frame? And then How we correct the imperfections to make it work and stable till today? Read this economic history, UMNO supporters will eat DAP supporters for lunch.

 For long term measures that UMNO seriously need to consider -
Is putting the Facts of our Economic History in our History Syllabus. Not JUST focusing on physical histories like biographies of heroes and events. From these Economic History, all races will be able learn the economical strength of each races in this country and how important for them to work together and share their respective perks and skills and then they will understand what is DEB is all about and from there can forge a real 1Malaysia spirit. It is high time to bring in our Economic Historian in the History Books. People need to know what is DEB means in economic terms, why is 1997 capital measures so important on that time. This UMNO need to take into consideration..

To me, DEB still is a spectacular ideas from brilliant bunch of people. And even the implementation have it flaws, since the idea is so good, it still works and brought results. The only issues are at the middle tier management of UMNO which tainting the implementation part. We can compare the realities of DEB in Singapore. As to date, the spending power of Singapore are not held by their own citizens but by minority 1 million foreigners such as Americans, Europe etc. So what happen,
when the foreigners were hit with economic downturn recently, those foreigners cut down their spending tremendously so at the end it gave the high impact to the citizens of Singapore since they are so dependent on foreigners spending power. Singapore were far more worst situation than Malaysia in 2008 economic downturn.

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