Saturday, 29 December 2012

Islamic Laws – Who Did, and Who Didn’t?


I do not understand about this throwing out Islamic Laws? Who’s mocking it and who’s throwing it out? The only thing that happened is most of the people that’s doesn’t vote for PAS, doesn’t mean all of them doesn’t want Islamic Laws. Ok, now since more than 10 years that PAS have been almost total control in Kelantan, which Islamic Laws that PAS have been implementing? Not just the Laws, even the Islamic infrastructures like banking system, currency systems that will be a primary support for Islamic Laws, PAS didn’t even raise a single finger or even bother trying to develop it. 

At least on the government side, they tried to do something about it, slowly they developing Islamic Banking System and the currency system like using Dinar alternative to US Dollar. Even though it is not yet perfect and it is still have some essence of conventional banking tools like interests and all but things are moving and need a lot of support from us all. Bare in mind, conventional financial instruments were developed from as early 16th century and it is still not perfect, and as per Harakah, they want the Islamic banking system to be perfect now?

The problem with Islamic Laws are not out of time or some people called it kolot. The problem is, no one have been trying to develop the infrastructure to support the Islamic Laws until to date ever since the days of Umayyah and Abbasiyah. During those time and Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin the people like the lawmakers, policy makers, the leaders, scientists do work hard on developing the infrastructure to support the Islamic Laws they implementing in terms of its forensic, financial systems, currency, judiciary, beaureaucracry etc. But after that not many updates on the infrastructures to support the Islamic Laws ever happened. That is sad cause people is busy with their difference like Syiah and Sunnah, wars, increasing territories, who’s more Islam and the Muslims who vote UMNO is not Islam etc.

Actually, Islamic Laws are quite practical, especially in terms of its judgement, a few of the practicallity points can create fear to others, so they won’t be brave enough to do the crime and the judgement is like one time and not that focusing on jail time. Indirectly, reduce costs for the government to build and maintain a lot of jail, billions can be saved and funnel to other important development.

There are many more practicality points like unspeculated currencies (most of u guys have seen what Anwar buddies have done in 1997 thru currency speculation), regulated capitalism through proper financial instruments by mitigating unfair interests systems etc. Example in forensic part, what if one day Mat Sabu get sodomised behind a tree and no one or any faithful people (orang beriman) was there as a witness? So when Mat Sabu go make a report and then no witness, so people can call him making fitnah?

Well, that’s when DNA comes in handy ;D Actually when thinking about it, there are actually some similarity between the faithful people (org beriman) and DNA, both dont lie, right?

Therefore, from all my lengthy comments, instead of blaming or accusing people abandoning Islamic Laws, why dont PAS start to volunteering and assist in developing the infras to support the Islamic Laws, so in the future, all of us can have a chance to see for ourselves that Islamic Laws does actually works.

Thinking about PAS policy to implement Hudud laws and after taking into consideration after one of their partners said "over our dead body" if want to implement that law, well I wish best of luck then ;P

And the best part, while opposing the law proposed by PAS, their people like Lim Guan Eng or other non-Muslim chanting Al-Quran word to appease the Muslim Malay votes, thats so lame, I dont know if PAS or other people noticed this.

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