Sunday, 1 April 2012

Comparing Energy Costs of Nuclear with other Sources

Lynas incident : Since this PKR woman said no to nuke, so we going back with high cost, high pollution, short term life cycle, fossil fuel power station now? With the unstable price of coal, natural gas or oil and the back dated technology will cost us more impact.

There are reasons that US, UK, EU and even Japan still push ahead with nuclear power plants. They have made comparisons between fossil fuel power station and nuclear and the results made them willing to take the risks. Check here, here, and here.

And for those dumbazz PKR that complaint about the nuke power plant, this is the comparison of cost of Electricity Production for every kilowatt hour in 2010 (latest) ;

Nuclear - USD 0.04/kwh,
Hydro - USD 0.03/kwh,
Coal USD 0.045/kwh (depend on transportation distance),
Natural Gas - USD 0.10/kwh,
Petroleum - USD 0.10/kwh,
Other renewables - USD 0.15/kwh

Therefore, with more uncertainties on the fossil resources in the near future, nuclear should be a go ahead.

Ask yourself, why in Fukushima, they still continue building more nuclear power plants even they got that incident, why don’t they change to fossil fuel if nuclear not safe? Of course Japan is struggling with their crisis, their reactors were hit with a bloody tsunami!!! Any type of power plant blows up or got hit by tsunami will create crises. If nuclear will create radiation crises, the fossil fuel power plant will create poisonous air crises. Both types still kills ya if blows up, so the question is, which kills less? That’s the point. Ask yourself, why in Fukushima, they still continue building more nuclear power plants even they got that incident? Why don’t they change to fossil fuel if nuclear not safer and cheaper? Japanese are not dumb.

And by the way if you guys don’t know, coal ash is more radioactive than nuclear waste. By burning away all the pesky carbon and other impurities, coal power plants produce heaps of radiation. One of the cleanest energy and cheapest is nuclear. The risks are the meltdown which results from human errors, if we have tight safety measures, everything will be fine. Oh wait, Japan is building more nuke plants increasing their megawatt capacity to 30%. These PKR people that made complaint are bunch of idiots (Oh wait, I forgot, they are idiots no wonder in Selangor there’s negative GDP).

If these guys want to complain, they should have come with solutions to address the issues of Electricity Generation we having today. Like outdated technology of power plants, the daily pollution generated daily from fossil fuel power plants, the unstable fluctuations of coal, natural gas or oil etc. Just making complaint and then walk away is just talking cock.

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