Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Future of Nuclear Plant in Malaysia

Today, Green Energy is too expensive and require massive amount of space to place the generators in order to generate equivalent amount of power like any other plants. Example in Taiwan, they build a Prototype Solar generators, it is the biggest in Asia but it cost 4 times more than standard Fossil Fuel Power Plants that we using and nuclear cost cheaper and require lesser space than Fossil Fuel Power. The green technologies were born in 2000 basically and it is still long way to go. If Malaysia goes all out on green technology TODAY, it is a guarantee the citizens can’t afford to pay the astronomical tariffs.

The cheapest and cleanest energy today is Hydroelectric Dam. But that type of plants / structure need massive amount of space. The bigger power requirement, the bigger space we need for water catchment and bigger the river. Example Bakun Dam, it able to generate a lot of power, but the water catchment area needed as big as Singapore, that means a lot of trees need to go. And another issue, Malaysia has how many rivers like Sg.Rajang? That’s the issue with Hydro power today.

Coal Ash is far more radioactive than nuclear waste today. By burning away all the pesky carbon and other impurities, coal power plants produce heaps of radiation. That’s the fact. 

We don’t need 50 or 100 nuclear plants in Malaysia. We may just need 5 or 10, that’s the most. Do you know our nail sized palletes can generate power as much as 2 barrel of fuel and a ton of coal? Do you know that below 10 of nuclear plant can replace all fossil fuel power plants in Malaysia and at the same time we can save a lot of areas? How many manpower you need to operate 10 nuclear power plants? 1 million people? Just Lim Kit Siang, he jumped histerically in the past saying that Pulau Pinang bridge is a waste of rakyat money, but end up he himself using it and want newer bridge in Penang. That’s lame.

Here is some facts ;

a)    1,000 highly trained personnel were required to run a two unit nuclear plant.
b)   Do you know how many amount of power can be generated from the 2 units? 20,000 MW of electricity by 2021 from two units.
c)    Do you know how many units of fossil fuel power plant can be replaced in Malaysia? We have ;
32 fossil fuel power plants,
21 Gas Powered which total combine powers = 12,622 MW,
6 Coal Powered which total combine power = 8,425 MW,
      5 Oil Powered which total combined power = 578 MW. 
 Grand total of combined power from all 32 fossil fuel power plants in Malaysia are 21,625 MW. As per rule of thumb, that 2 units type of nuclear plant can almost replace all of our fossil fuel power plants, with only 1,000 highly trained personnel. Don’t forget the cost savings too.

 Feeding the horde that support people politically is part of the operation costs. It applies in all country in the world, whether it is Japan, America even Germany etc. As per 2010, UK cost estimates for every pound / megawatt hour, nuclear cost is the cheapest compare to fossil fuel sources. Therefore, operating cost reduced then electricity cost reduced too. Today, every 5 days, 1 nuclear plant is build around the world. That’s the fact.

Look at Petronas today, they are the 7 sisters of the world. Do you know that Malaysia has setup its own Nuclear Agency in 1972???!!! Do you know that Malaysia already have their own reactor since 1982 (TRIGA Mark 2)??? It is one of the earliest in the region too (behind Indonesia). Do you know that they have been developing and training human resources in the field of nuclear technology and related technologies within this region??? They have been here in Malaysia since Tun Razak.

Better half baked rather than not baked at all that talked about high tech stuff. Even though at first I disagree with nuke, but I did my own research and fact findings and compared it with the current technology Fossil Fuel Plant. And the facts have shown, it is way better than standard Fossil Fuel Plants.

It is not about nuclear plants, it is about addressing our Energy needs for future sustainability. In time, there will be better technology replacing nuclear tech and we will replace nuclear tech. But for now, comparing with all technologies available, nuclear is way better than other tech at this moment.

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