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Monday, 31 December 2012

Nasik Kandaq Line Clear, Penang

After went to the Penang War of Museum (you may read the review here, here, and here), I went to “Nasi Kandar Line Clear”, one of the famous place in Penang to have – of course Nasi Kandar. Actually, I wish to have “Nasi Kandar Beratur” also, but due to “Nasi Kandar Beratur” only open from 10pm until 3 am, I have no choice to have “Nasi Kandar Line Clear”. Having Nasi Kandar at 10pm????? Penangnites are crazy, seriously.

I am not sure where this place located, but here I can give the address ;

Nasi Kandar Line Clear
Behind 177 Penang Road

This Nasi Kandar Line Clear is open 24 hours, and they are really buzy for 24 hours. If I am not mistaken, they are close on every one fortnight on Tuesday, and during Jumaat prayers (1pm until 2pm)

Luckily when I arrived there, I no need to have a long queue to have Nasi Kandar. Of course, I went there  on weekdays and about 4pm. My favorite dish is “Ayam Congo”, but I don’t know why on that day, I choose “Ayam Madu”. For me, the tastes of the curry is ok, but I love the environment, very old school!

Enjoy the pictures!

 Here the Nasi Kandaq Line Clear!

Situated at in the middle of the "lorong", it is "only a stall." 

 Wow! Can't wait to order!

 Price for every dish of "Kepala Ikan"? RM80 per head!

Don't complaint about the messy and the hygiene here. The more messy, the more unhygienic, the better tastes you get! (my perception)

My order, Ayam Madu with mixed curry gravy.

 Buzy operating 24 hours, the waiters are very warm and very fast!

Nasi Kandar Line Clear is a heritage in Penang, for sure!

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